Episode 31- Where is David?

Cliff Arceneaux
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mapSome people are lost, and some just don’t know where they are going yet.
This week’s show we answer a question that keeps coming up, Where has David been?  You know, the other guy who started the show with you way back in the first season?  He sings the theme song?  That guy?

Well, it’s both a long and a short answer.  The short version is: God asked him to do it.  The long version involves standing there after God asks you to do something and you have to figure out what you are going to do next.
And while David’s circumstances are not exactly the same as everyone else’s, if you walk with God long enough, you end up doing something that doesn’t make any sense to anyone else.  Jesus comes down and tells you to start something new, or end something great.  And often, from the outside, you look weird or foolish.  Especially to non believers.  And this is mostly what we talk about.  I’ve been there, David’s been there, and hopefully all of you have or will walk with God long enough and he will ask and you will answer His Call and look stupid.

I hope you enjoy this episode.  It’s a little personal, in a good way.  As usual, please continue the excellent job of sharing the links for the shows and the blog posts.  That’s what the buttons are for.  Thanks.

And even more so now, please continue to pray for us as we crank out this thing every week from scratch.