Episode 28, Not enough faith to be an atheist

Cliff Arceneaux
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I28 don’t Have enough Faith to be an Atheist.

I’ve said that numerous times.  I have thought about it, played around with the concepts and really well laid out arguments for an Atheistic world view.  I can’t handle the leaps in logic and sheer blind faith required to ignore so much of the world.

GodsNotDeadOf course, that’s just what an atheist would say to me about my faith.

And while I do have plans for a show devoted 100% to atheism, it’s not the main topic of this week’s episode.
To be honest, I’m not 100% sure what the main topic of this week’s show is.
I had planned to call it Tales Of Christianity, with Lance Carter.  Or Lance’s Progress.  Or The Testimony of Lance Carter.  Or a bunch of other witty stuff.
(In the end, I went for a ClickBait title.  Don’t judge me)

This episode does not follow the “normal rules” of conducting an interview.  We barely mention where he’s from, what he does, practically no well defined narrative at all.
What this is, is a rolicking fun fire hose style conversation.
Topics include:

If you are diggin Lance, head on over to his website, http://www.czyfox.com/

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