Episode 24, Consistency

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24Welcome to Episode 24-Consistency!!
And welcome to Season 2 of the God Scrubs and Work Boots Podcast!!

I am very proud of the work we put up last year, and very excited about the plans for this coming year.

And super excited about this week’s guest host, my wife, Denise!  Our New Year’s resolution for this year was one word- Consistency.  It doesn’t really matter how many individual goals we make, if we are inconsistent with our efforts, they will all fail.  Again, and again, and again.
If you don’t go to the gym every week, exercise doesn’t work.  If you don’t plan your meals every week, your diet won’t work.  No consistency, no changes.
In the same vein, If you do nothing but the same thing over and over again, don’t expect a neolympic-weightliftingw outcome.  If you only run 1 mile every week, don’t expect to cruise through 20 miles tomorrow.
If you have only been curling 25 pounds for years, don’t expect to toss 135 pounds over your head tomorrow.

The same rules apply to our spiritual life, or spiritual development.  Billy Graham didn’t get to be Billy Graham overnight.  He didn’t cram the night before a campaign, he was ready because of consistent spiritual disciplines over years.  (And God’s help, of course)

I hope you enjoy our conversation.  I am proud of Denise for taking her own advice and stepping outside of her comfort zone by being on the show.  So please send her some love for helping us out.
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And as usual, please pray for us, the show, and God’s grace and guidance.




  • Ty says:

    1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he care that for you. So when we give God our problems/situation/stress, it relieves us of that stress, so it helps you physically (less stress on your body/mind) when your faith in God is strong.

  • Lance says:

    This episode really helped me a lot. Thanks for your faithfulness!

  • Cliff Arceneaux says:

    Thanks guys! Denise will be returning as cohost and guest frequently throughout the year. I’m glad you enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. That’s the point

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