Episode 22, How should Christians respond?

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catch22Welcome to Episode 22!!  How Should Christians Respond in a world going kind of cattywampus?

With all of the truly evil things happening in the world right now, it can be really terrifying and YourEmotionscompletely overwhelming.  People shooting folks over there, over here, seemingly everywhere.  And it’s not just the plain old crazy we all grew up with.  It’s a whole new type, at least for us over here.

And it’s not just The Bad Guys, it’s the wave of people running away from various conflicts seeking refuge wherever they can find it.  Sure, alot of them might need help, but at least some of them could be Bad Guys in disguise.

What are we supposed to do?  Who are we supposed to listen to?  There are plenty of voices lined up on both sides of the aisle.  They run the gamut from kill them and their families to give them all a hug.
There are many, many “christian” leaders busy saying many things.   I was going to put up more links to various other stories, but I stopped.  It was too depressing, and I just didn’t want to add to the mess.  Plus, I uncovered not a few despicable websites that I did not want to expose my audience to nor in any way seem to endorse.

So where should a follower of Christ get his and her answers?  The News?  Your Pastor?  Facebook?  (hint, never facebook.  Unless it’s our page, then it’s ok)

Might I humbly suggest that we actually read the Bible, and the words of Christ?  And might I humbly ask for christians to become radical, and actually go forth and do what Christ has already gone on record as what our response should be?

Gosh, wouldn’t that be something?

Our illustrious co-host, David, returns from exile..I mean hiatus to discuss who we should and should not be listening to, and more importantly why.

We toss out a ton of bible verses, and a better show would write them all down for you.  But you are stuck with us.  Here’s the two main one scriptures we keep circling around, Psalm 1 and Matthew 25.

I hope you enjoy it.  I know we had fun recording it.
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And as always, please pray for us.

Have fun,


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