Episode 21 Thanksgiving!

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Lucky21Welcome to Lucky Episode 21!!
It’s Thanksgiving all across these United States of America.  And for that, we are thankful.

We are also thankful to you, our lovely audience, for sticking with us when the schedule went haywire earlier this month and we neglected to warn any of you.  We apologize, and are thankful for your mercy and pardon.  Thanksgiving

This episode I talk about my Enforced Gratefulness Exercise I do every morning.  (It sounds much manlier to call it that rather than simply say Counting My Blessings.)  It’s been kind of a fake it till you make it thing for me.  There may be some folks who would say that’s not the best way, that you should just Be Grateful.  But that’s hard to do all the time.  What has been more effective for me is treating it like exercise.  Start slow and puny and build up to strength and power.

As a special bonus, our good buddy Jeff Price makes a special guest cameo to drop some wisdom and church history on us.  And for that, we are very grateful.  Thankful, even.  And I do a barely above average reading of President Lincoln’s proclamation establishing Thanksgiving as a national holiday.  Enjoy.

We would be thankful if you would help spread the word about GSWP by hitting those little buttons right over there on the left hand margin of your screen.  Just pick your favorite media platform and have at it.  Use all the buttons, go nuts, we dare you.  I’d thank you if you would.  Also please subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review.  I’d be grateful.

As always, leave us some comments down below about this and past episodes.

The best way to help us out, above even spreading the news about what we are trying to do with this show, is lifting us up in prayer about what we are trying to do with this show.  For that, we would truly be very thankful.



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