Episode 19 Why are Christians so angry, part 2

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i19Welcome to Episode 19!!!

We continue our conversation about why christians are so angry with my brother, Clay.  We get a bit more into our “original” topic, since we got off the rails last episode.

This time we delve into KINISON

  • Is a vote for Donald Trump throwing away your morals away?
  • Should we get into fights on FaceBook?
  • Who is actually leaving The Church?
  • as well as hypocrites, televangelists and much, much more!!!

I admit, we do kinda ramble about on this one.  If you are looking for a nice, tight interview that stays on point, this is not the episode for you.  (To be honest, this probably isn’t even the show for you.)
But we do actually manage to bring it around to the original topic and wrap it up with a nice tight bow!!
…sort of…

Regardless, the idea of the show is to discuss things what need discussing, encourage you, entertain you and lift up the name of Jesus.  And this show nails it.

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