Episode 14 Is the sky falling part 2

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No cats were harmed in the creation of this particular episode

No cats were harmed in the creation of this particular episode

HelmetCatWelcome to Episode 14!!
It’s time for another round with Brian Collier to see if the sky is indeed falling.  (It’s not)
I hope you enjoyed last episode.  I know I’m still chewing on the idea of the divide between Christians who serve The Church and Christians who serve Jesus.  There is definitely a difference between the two.  (Listen to Episode Thirteen to hear more)

Our conversation keeps flowing along with topics of:

  1. Is it really easier to hide in a cave?
  2. Why you should never name your kid ‘Demas‘.
  3. Is God grumpy in the morning?
  4. Can The Church serve God and man?
  5. Can a church be popular and holy?  Are the two mutually exclusive?
  6. When is it out of season to preach the gospel?

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And as always, please Pray for David and me as we try to encourage folks.



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