Episode 13-Is the Sky Falling-Part one with Brian Collier

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Life feel like this?

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

#13!Welcome to Episode #13!!

Maybe you’ve noticed a good number of our Christian brothers and sisters running like Chicken Little after the recent Supreme Court decision.  Maybe you feel like that, the ground has shifted, you are not sure where to go, what to do?
Or worse, maybe you don’t know what to think.  Maybe you are walking around with your head in your hands wondering, Why?

Of course, maybe you are skipping down the road of life yelling “Yippity Skippity!”  Maybe.

Either way, this show is for you.

We planned on having a calm, level headed, perfectly rational discussion about what the recent decision means for America, Christendom and our families.  I’m not sure why we invited Brian if that was the case…  Actually, as a history teacher, father, man of God, with more than a healthy pinch of sarcasm, Brian is a great guy to talk to about this.
And then David sent this email a few days before we could record, and I got more than a little bit fired up.
And this has been my main problem with the debate, an atheistic form of Christianity where WE have to decide what to do, WE decide how to react.  Instead of asking what would Jesus have us to do?  How does Jesus want us to react?

How do we defend the Church?  Should  we bother?
Do we need to go live in caves?  Can religion and politics successfully mix?
How can the sky possibly be falling if God is really in Charge?

We discuss all that and more in part one of our three part conversation with Brian Collier.

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