Ep 9-Faith v Works- Chip Jones part 2

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Welcome to Episode Nine!

Welcome to Episode Nine!

If we are struggling with problems in our life, does God still love us? (Yes)  Is it our fault? (maybe?)   What does the Bible say about complaining to Jesus about all our problems?  (Do it)

What is the angriest book in The Bible?

And my favorite part of this episode: How hard are we really supposed to be working in our Christian Life?  How much discipline, self will, are we required to use in order to please God, walk with Jesus and make it to Heaven?
Are we to rely on our faith, or our self effort?

Can you work your way to Heaven?

Can you work your way to Heaven?

I feel like I grew a little bit during this conversation.  I was reminded of the real freedom we should be experiencing in Christ, and I was personally challenged to dig a little deeper.

I hope you do too.

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