Thank God Its Not Always Friday

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Thank God It’s Not Always Friday

Hey guys, Cliff here.

I had all sorts of schemes for this week.  Didn’t happen.  We have a great interview already recorded that I needed to get edited.  Didn’t happen.

Then I had planned on getting together with David to record an impromptu Easter Special podcast this week.  Nope.

Then I had planned on recording a quick 15 minute podcast to toss up last night.  I was going to try again tonight.  Not going to happen.

It can be good for us to remember that Jesus’s disciples were definitely having a bad day almost two thousand years ago.  Yeah, sure, Christ was having the worst day ever, literally.  But the amount of suffering he was going through is, to me, incomprehensible.  It’s too big.
But I can relate to the apostles.  Their dullness, stupidity, frank humanity.  I can relate to that.  And I can relate to them having their heart’s broken on Good Friday.  The fear, disbelief, pain.  While I can not relate to the exact circumstances, I can relate to times in life when things go really wrong.
We call Good Friday “good” partly because we are almost 2000 years removed from roman executions.  We don’t really know the horror or brutality.  And that’s good.  Mostly we call it Good because we know The Rest Of The Story, the glory and wonder and terrible and love of Resurrection Sunday!
The only thing the disciples know friday, friday night, saturday and saturday night is loss, and fear and disbelief.  They don’t know Sunday is coming.

But we do.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was raised from the dead.  Jesus comes back to them in power, love and great intimacy.

And we should remember that.  That during our moments of pain, doubt, disbelief, or just plain old bummed out, we can thank God that it’s not always Friday.

Sunday is coming.




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