Episode 6A How Are We To Be Like Jesus?

David Copeland
Here I am

David Copeland

David enjoys the outdoors and the indoors. He likes helping people. One day he would like to be a good writer.
David Copeland
Here I am

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Our preacher said it well this past Sunday when he said “Easter doesn’t end.”

It is awfully easy to look at Easter as just a holiday, an event, an egg hunt….but Easter doesn’t end with the sunset on Sunder. No, the resurrection of Jesus Christ carries on and on and on.

And that’s good for the crew here at God, Scrubs, and Workboots, because we are a bit late publishing an Easter podcast.

But now here it is….be like Jesus

We are trying out a new format, not to take the place of the normal format, but to supplement it rather. And so on this podcast you will only hear David (David sends his apologies in advance). Episode 6b will feature the wondrous talents of Cliff, and the ship will be righted once more.

After the recording was done, we realized we kind of like the freedom of monologuing without having the pressure of including anyone else, and so we intend to do more of these, sprinkling them in like the peanut butter cups in Moose Tracks ice cream. (I’m on a diet).

But we also realized how narcissistic it is to not include anyone else, which is why we will not default to this model.

And now I’m rambling a bit…..this podcast is really all about Jesus, his agonizing anticipation of the cross in the Garden of Gethsemane, and how we are truly to be like Jesus.

Listen, think, enjoy, give us some feedback.

Be good, my friends…


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