Episode 5 What’s Important?

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**Problems with the podcast have been resolved!!**

A few weeRock-number-5ks ago David sends me an email marked Urgent and Important.

Naturally, stupid me, I figure something bad has happened so I drop what I’m doing and read his email.  (Now, that process may shed a bit too much on my character and thought life.  Other folks could have thought, “something fantastically great has happened to David, I should open it and find out.”  Well, to that I say, “Bah, humbug.”)

Much like Eric Snowden, I scanned the email for words like Accident, Flames, Crash, Wiretaps, Espionage, etc.  Finding nothing distressing, I settled down and actually read the email.  I would paraphrase, but why rob you, the reader, of his inspired work?  Plus it’s late and it’s just so much easier to hit ctrl+v and paste the whole thing:

“Find who presents the urgent and important graph

What lens we look through determines what is urgent and what is important. A look through the business and moneymaking   lens will yield a different priority set than a look through the social justice lens. A look through the family lens will yield a different priority set than a look through the children lens.

As Christians,  how should we be ascribing value?

Jesus taught about money making and community service. He taught about family and children. But these were none his priority. His priority was to do the will of His Father.

What is urgent and important from the viewpoint of the builder is not the same as from the viewpoint of the servant of God.

Unless that builder is a servant of God.

To the casual observer (seems most everyone today is a casual observer), the difference may not be noticeable, but to the man that is filtering all decisions through the filter of “I serve the Lord Jesus Christ,” it makes all the difference in the world.

And to your colleague or coworker, it may mean the difference between life and death, heaven and hell.

What is urgent? What is important? To the salesman, it is the sale. To the business owner, it is the profit. To the social worker, it is the community. To the family oriented, it is togetherness. To the child-centric parent it is the child.

What is urgent and important to God? Holiness? The Gospel?”

I quickly emailed him back and said something witty like: 

“Yeah, we might be able to talk about that for at least a couple of minutes. 
Good stuff. Makes me think about Ecclesiastes.” 
So we did talk about it, for more than a couple of minutes.  No guests this episode, just me and David.  If you guys like it, will do more.  If you hate it, well too bad since we’ll probably have to do it again before too long when we can’t line up an interview in time.
It’s a good conversation, covering nothing of the carefully researched stuff we had planned to talk about.
We also announce the winner of the contest!  sort of.  Just listen to till the end.  And as always, please leave your comments below.
Have fun,

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