Episode 1 – Intro and First Interview with Riah Collier

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This episode is awesome.NumberOne

This episode is awesome because it is our first episode.

And that’s pretty much the only reason.

But we are still really pumped about it. Cliff and I had the opportunity to get on Skype with our mutual friend Riah Collier. Riah is a minister, husband, father, and a general contractor in Augusta, Georgia. To us, Riah is a perfect example of the over-arching theme of God, Scrubs, and Workboots, which is thriving as a Christian in a secular world. We thoroughly enjoyed our conversation/interview with Riah, and we think you will be able to pull out some good insight and advice from it.

So I take it back. This episode is awesome because it is our first episode, and because Riah Collier is on it.

And those are two pretty good reasons.

So enjoy as best as possible, and please join in the conversation with us here and on facebook.

Many blessings,




  • chad bates says:

    enjoyed listening to you guys and i’m glad to here that its not just me when Sean wants to be with me and its hard to find the patience and time to do stuff with him without Sean my son being or getting moody but he is more tolerable to his mother Renee

    • David Copeland says:

      Chad, I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast! No, it’s not just you that sometimes find it difficult to spend time with your son. A lot of it is age, and a lot of it is expectation. I find that too often I expect more maturity and self control from my son than I should. I’m not around him as much as my wife is, and so she is used to what level of ability he has, and he knows what to expect from her. Hang in there man! Keep trying! And don’t neglect to pray for God to help you interact with and teach your son. He can help you – I know he has helped me. Thanks again for listening and commenting.

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