Episode 16 with Beliefs of the Heart

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16 Welcome to Episode Sweet Sixteen!!

Beliefs Of The Heart

We are thrilled to present the first part of our conversation with Sam Williamson from Beliefs of the Heart!!  I have been a fan of his since I read his book, Is Sunday School destroying our kids?  And his blog
is superb.  Smart, funny, piercing without being judgemental.  And grounded in The Word, not in whatever zeitgeist is circulating through the evangelical circles.

In this conversation we touch on

  • Whether or not Macgyver would make a good missionary?
  • What is wrong with every single Sunday School story you have ever heard?
  • And how do you get past the “but”?

Sam was a great guest, and we really enjoyed talking with him.  I am proud to count him as a friend now.  I know you will enjoy this conversation.

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