Ep 10- Prayer with Jeff Price

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Just Do It

Just Do It

This conversation stems from a Bible study that David, Jeff and I helped with last summer on prayer.  A subject that, to be brutally honest, I was not interested in talking about.  I’m not really sure what my pet topic was, but I thought it was better than Prayer.  Which of course only shows off the depth of my ignorance and self delusion.
After the study I was pretty jazzed about prayer and developing a rich Prayer Life.  This Prayer Life involved getting up earlier than normal, setting a timer and buckling down to try and concentrate and prayer for a full solid uninterrupted 15 minutes every morning.  And that was going to make me a better person, better husband, better father, better everything.

I’m sure you can all guess what happened next.  I was able to keep that regimen for about a week, then life kept interfering.  I’m not sure how Billy Graham does it, but I couldn’t maintain that regimen.  I kept trying to hop back on the bandwagon, but it was a failure.  And then I got to feel guilty about not having a rich Prayer Life.  It ended up being counterproductive.

So what’s the big deal about Prayer?  I mean, come on.  How important is it, really?

It turns out, very important.

I know I say, “I enjoyed our conversation…” seemingly every episode, but I do.  And I did.  We talked with Jeff for almost two hours, so we had more than enough for three full episodes.  The time just flew, and I for one, had a good time.  And learned plenty.
When we come up with our Biggest Hits of 2015 episode, we will definitely have clips from this one.

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